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To Make Room and Be Seen


We have the history, we have this beautiful architecture, we have dazzling performances and welcoming audiences. Now’s the time to enhance the theatre with this two-part project: To make room in the lobby and install marquee-style signage so people can find the theatre.

Lobby Expansion 

The Larcom has a 600-capacity theatre, but a tiny lobby. Crowds of people stand pressed together indoors. Enlarging the entrance will add comfort and safety for you and every visitor and staff member. We plan to remove a few rows in the back of the theatre, allowing us to move the bar out of the lobby, doubling the size of the entrance. We can then expand the size of the bar to accommodate kitchen equipment to serve you healthy options for snacks and small bites.

Outdoor Signage 

Our gorgeous theatre is tucked away on a side street. You could easily miss us as you pass nearby on busy Cabot Street. The original architecture of Larcom Theatre boasted a beautiful outside marquee, and it’s time to reinstate that visibility. We plan to purchase digital signage and have a marquee so those who pass by will know that a historic Vaudeville theatre resides on the street.

Let's get this done together!


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