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Latin Night! Learn Salsa

Six-Week Salsa Dance Lessons for Beginners and Advanced Beginners
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Date:  May 23 to June 27, 2024 -- FULL

Time:  6:00 PM | 7:10 PM

Duration:  Each class is one hour 

Venue: Larcom Theatre​, 13 Wallis St., Beverly

6-Week Salsa Dance Lessons Class Series Pass:  

Max 20 students per class. No Drop Ins or Single Classes.

$108 for the 6-week series

Join seasoned dancers for Latin night at the Larcom Theatre, where they will teach you Salsa. Characterized by passion and sensuality, salsa dancing is a fusion of Latin American and Caribbean dance styles that is popular worldwide.


This class is open to everyone! Whether you're new to Salsa, have never tried it before, or are transitioning from On 1 to On 2 timing, this Beginner Class is perfect for you. The focus is on mastering basic dance steps, building connections, exploring partnering elements, practicing turn combinations, understanding timing, and getting a feel for the rhythm. No previous experience is necessary.


The class is for someone who knows the basic steps and On 2 timing required to dance Salsa. This class will help you refine your salsa dance skills. No partner is required. Attendance in our Beginner class or formal foundation training/experience is a prerequisite for taking this class.


We extend a special invitation to men to join, as their participation will help ensure a robust presence of potential partner leads. 

For questions about the class, email:


"Thank you thank you thank you. Love the class. And the location!!" - former student

"I'm so glad we have something like this locally! Thank you so much for making this a reality, and bringing the love of dance to more people."


" Love the class!  The folks attending all have a great attitude making it work well when we pair up and rotate"

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