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The Magic Within

Psychic Explorations with Mentalist Erica Sodos


For over three decades, Erica Sodos has captivated audiences worldwide with her magical performances, totaling over 6000 appearances. A versatile entertainer, she's renowned as a magician, psychic entertainer, speaker, actress, and theater educator. As one of the few female mentalists globally, she's a true rarity. Her monthly show, "The Magic Within, Psychic Explorations with Erica Sodos," enjoyed a decade-long run in Denver, consistently drawing packed houses. Erica's prominence extends beyond the stage; she's been featured on NPR discussing the scarcity of female magicians and is currently penning a comprehensive book on women in magic. Renowned for her extraordinary memory, she can memorize entire Time magazine issues in under two hours. Whether embodying mystical characters like faeries and elves or weaving enchanting spells, Erica's performances inspire audiences to discover the magic within themselves and the world. Attendees invariably depart her shows thoroughly enchanted and delighted.

Date:   Saturday, May 4, 2024

Time:   8:00 PM; Doors & Bar 7:00 PM

Tickets:  $31 | $35

Venue:  Larcom Theatre, 13 Wallis St., Beverly, MA

Experience The Magic Within—a spellbinding blend of performance and the supernatural, guaranteed to captivate and entertain! With her signature charm and boundless humor, Erica's show seamlessly weaves together mind-bending demonstrations of telepathy, uncanny predictions, astonishing feats of super memory, and other forms of ESP, along with insightful readings.


In Erica's captivating performances, audiences are left questioning whether they've witnessed remarkable illusions or encountered genuine psychic phenomena. Through interactive elements, the audience is invited to tap into their own inner magic, adding an extra layer of intrigue and excitement to the show – leaving audiences feeling supercharged and inspired. Prepare to be enchanted and thoroughly amazed by this extraordinary experience!


While this show is appropriate for all ages, it isn't a show that is geared for little children.

Approximately one hour and 45 minutes with intermission

“It was an incredible show, incredible talent."


“I am totally amazed and blown away. I would see this show again and again. Everyone who wants to see this show should see this show.”


“Erica's show is phenomenal! I have no idea how she did it!”

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