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The Eagles Experience

The Most Authentic Tribute Show to the Eagles Available Today



Meet the Band:

  • Steve Kareta – Guitars, Piano, and Vocals

  • Lincoln Hubley – Drums and Vocals

  • Tom Doherty – Guitars and Vocals 

  • Tom Ingram – Guitars, Piano, and Vocals

  • Tommy Plutas – Bass Guitar and Vocals



Date: Sat., December 3, 2022

Time:  8:00 PM; Doors & Bar at 7:00 PM

Tickets: $29 | $33 

Venue: Larcom Theatre, 13 Wallis St, Beverly, MA

The Eagles Experience aims to be the most authentic tribute show to the Eagles available today.  With a one-to-one lineup that reflects the Eagles during their heyday in the late 1970s, the members of the Eagles Experience each emulate their respective “Eagle”, playing the correct instrument and singing the songs as sung by their protege.  Every member of the Eagles Experience is dedicated to presenting their part as accurately as possible and will provide you with an ultimate "Eagles Experience" you will not soon forget. 

This tribute band only plays songs written and recorded by the Eagles as a band, from their biggest hits to hidden gems. 

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