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The Ultimate Def Leppard Experience 

Date:   Saturday, June 22, 2024

Time:   8:00 PM; Doors & Bar 7:00 PM

Tickets:  $31|$35

Venue:  Larcom Theatre, 13 Wallis St., Beverly, MA

Drawing their name from Def Leppard’s fifth studio album (which debuted at No. 1 on both the UK Albums Chart and the U.S. Billboard 200), ADRENALIZE – The Ultimate Def Leppard Experience recreates the chart-topping, chest-thumping anthems that made Def Leppard the iconic and dominant force in arena rock of the ‘80s and beyond. 


You'll hear the hook-laden radio and MTV mega-hits like "Foolin'", "Rock of Ages," “Photograph,” “Hysteria,” "Rocket," "Animal," “Armageddon It,” "Love Bites," and "Pour Some Sugar On Me," along with deep cuts like "Wasted," "High 'n' Dry," and "Switch 625!" 


See the road tested and accomplished stage performers of ADRENALIZE – The Ultimate Def Leppard Experience embody the swaggering, electrifying stage personae of the Lads from Sheffield, and their undeniable intensity will captivate you and leave you singing, fist pumping, and screaming for more!


  • George Tsalikis: Lead Vocals

  • Damiano Christian: Guitar & Vocals

  • Jef Scarfi: Guitar & Vocals

  • Lenny Lee: Bass & Vocals

  • Lee Nelson: Drums & Vocals

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