Guitar Gods 50th Anniversary Tour: Hendrix Meets Clapton

Starring Kiss The Sky and Heavy Cream
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Kiss The Sky

Kiss The Sky-World's Greatest Jimi Hendrix Show is the #1 Hendrix act in the world and have been touring nationally to rave reviews. They are so adept at keeping the memory of Jimi Hendrix alive that remaining members of Hendrix's own bands have joined them on stage. 


Jimy Bleu stars as Jimi Hendrix and is the world's longest running Jimi Hendrix Performance Artist. Just like Hendrix, Jimy Bleu is a virtuoso, left-handed guitarist and performs all of Hendrix's signature stage moves. 

Kiss The Sky WOWS audiences with their Hendrix look and sound alike musicians performing in full replica wardrobe and stage gear.  More then a concert, the show celebrates all phases of the short yet iconic career and concerts of Jimi Hendrix.

Time:       Fri., April 5th at 8:00 PM

                  Doors open at 7:00 PM

Tickets:   $33 | $29 | $25

Take a trip back 50 years into Rock & Roll history as the Guitar Gods show recreates some of the most iconic music performed by Jimi Hendrix and Cream plus special cuts from both of their Royal Albert Hall London concerts. Witness the moments that turned Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton into legendary Guitar Gods! One night, two spot on bands paying tribute to the top guitarists of all time with a special encore of both on stage together!

Rolling Stone Magazine Says:

"Yes, believe the hype! This show lives up to it!” 


The Village Voice NYC Says:

"Bringing Music History To Life."


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Heavy Cream

With stunning accuracy in both look and sound, HEAVY CREAM is quickly becoming the definitive tribute to CREAM, rock music's original SUPER GROUP!


Expertly playing the part of Eric Clapton is JT Curtis who starred as George Harrison in the Broadway show "Let It Be”. 

Heavy Cream features replicated gear including the famous 'Fool' artwork guitars of Clapton and Bruce and Ginger Baker's legendary double Ludwig drum kit, as well as Cream's signature stack of British Marshall Amps, plus authentic wardrobe that Cream actually used at their most memorable 60's shows, this band’s three world class musicians recreate Cream's classic concerts for today's audiences. 

Photography by Mike Vechesky