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The Voice Club Showcase

Singers' Showcase led by Professional Singer and Voice Coach, Bethany Vahn
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Date:  Saturday, September 23, 2023

Time:  7:30 PM; Doors & Bar Open 6:30 PM

Tickets:  $22

Venue:  Larcom Theatre, 13 Wallis St., Beverly

Witness the work of professional singer and master voice coach Bethany Vahn in our Fall singer's showcase! The Voice Club Showcase features everyday people, from young adults to retirees, singing Broadway hits to country, jazz, and every genre in between.


Over the past year, The Voice Club music lovers gathered at the Larcom Theatre every Tuesday night, where Bethany Vahn shared vocal techniques, warm-up exercises, and more to find and pull out the magical voice of each student.


Support local theatre and treat yourself to an evening of pure delight!

"I always thought that you were either born with a great voice or not. By attending The Voice Club, I have now learned that we all have potentially great instruments. It's just a matter of pulling that voice out by learning the postures, techniques, and tricks of the trade."
 Donnie Crowell, Owner & CEO, Larcom Theatre 

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