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The Infinite Moment of Now

New Comedic Play About Girlhood and Female Friendships
Directed by Maddie Roth and Written by Bianca Vranceanu

Infinite Moment of Now webpage.jpg

Inspired from Female Friendships and

How They Shift and Change Over the Years

“I hope they [the audience] reflect and maybe realize the importance of friendship and the people who will be there for you. Friendships are really your chosen family. So, the importance in just knowing that, yes, you go through changes over time, but it’s also important to take accountability when necessary, and also just realizing that these people are your rocks,”  – Bianca Vranceanu, Playwright, Marblehead Weekly News, June 2024

Performances: Doors & Bar open 30 mins prior to each show

•    Thurs., Sept. 12 | 7:30 PM – opening night!

•    Sat., Sept.14 | 8:00 PM

•    Sun., Sept.16 | 2:00 PM


•    Thurs., Sept. 19 | 7:30 PM 

•    Fri., Sept. 20 | 8:00 PM

•    Sun., Sept. 22 | 2:00 PM


•    $22: Early Bird –  through Aug. 8, 2024, midnight!!

•    $25: General – starting Aug. 9, 2024

•    $22: Student



Larcom Theatre, 13 Wallis St., Beverly, MA

The vibrant new play explores the fierceness, fragility, and sometimes fanciful nature of female friendship and how the dynamic bond of three friends evolves over a decade. When Phoebe is faced with a life-altering circumstance, her best friends Emma and Sophia call an emergency meeting at their secret fountain. Eager to find a solution, the friends share private information and quickly realize their connections are not as strong as they appear on surface level. Fast forward to leaving for college, the friends make promises to stay in touch despite being thousands of miles apart. Then, a decade later, they reconnect after a shocking event and are faced with a choice: do they want to hold on to their friendship or move on? “Girl code” gets broken, secrets are revealed, and the fountain proves to be more powerful and magical than anyone could have predicted. The comedy provides a fresh take on the malleable nature of friendships and the dynamic shifts relationships face. 


Duration: Approximately one hour and 15 minutes 


Olivia Barbara Raso.jpeg

Olivia Raso as Phoebe

Bridget Saunders_edited.jpg

Bridget Saunders as Emma


Maddie Kartoz as Sophia

Early Birdpricing thruAugust 8!

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